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Waco Biker Gangs To Fight Isis In Plea Deal

WACO, Texas -

After nine bikers died in a restaurant shootout in Waco, Texas, authorities have arrested over 170 active motorcycle club members. Reports have indicated that they are working to charge all of them with murder or attempted murder.

“This means we could potentially have 170 new death row inmates,” says legal analyst Raoul Shapiro.

Insiders at the District Attorney’s office say a different plan is being hatched. Apparently a plea deal is being arranged where the Bikers would be sent to Iraq or Syria to fight Isis for up to 24 months or until they have eradicated the situation.

This isn’t as original an idea as it seems as the Hell’s Angels motorcycle club actually offered up their services back when the Vietnam war was at it’s height. “We are available for training and duty immediately.” the Angels stated to the U.S. Government at the time.

Motorcycle club presidents from various chapters will likely meet and consider the plea option for it’s detained members, while working out logistical concerns such as transporting their bikes over to the middle east, and making sure uniforms will contain proper club patches.

“Look, it’s actually going to cost less money to have a couple hundred Harley’s shipped overseas than to house these guys in prison for life,” says Shapiro. “Not to mention with these guys out there, we could have the ISIS situation under control in literally weeks. It’s a win-win anyway you look at it.”

As part of the arrangement, rival clubs would have to temporarily unite and would be assigned a Navy Seal commander who would provide guidance on local terrain and suggest offensive strategies for the MC’s to employ in order to decimate the ISIS organization.

No comment yet from the Waco District Attorney if and when this groundbreaking plea deal will be announced.